Recently, I found so many online shop on the web.

Online shop makes my life a lot easier :p

Only with one fingertip, I can buy the things that I need such as clothes, shoes and electronic device.

Online shopping saves my time and energy also small money.

Why do I called it small money?

If I go to mall for shopping, I need to go by car which mean there is sum of gasoline expense that I need to pay.

If I go to mall for shopping, I need to pay parking lot expense that charged IDR4k per hour.

I bet you that you won’t only spend one hours for your shopping activity.

Fine dining in mall also tempting! Minimum expense for dining is IDR100k

So, with online shopping I can save much money!

Here are Do’s and Dont’s on online shopping:


  • List down what you need not what you want. 
  • Budget. Count how much that you can spend for the item that you need. Do not loan  from credit card just for you to have that item. Debt is a big No No.
  • Review. You can see review from other people about the product, so you can decide if the price that you paid is equal for the quality of it. Find product that discounted more than 50%.
  • One in, One out. If you not willing to let go your things, that means that you do not need to buy the new one.
  • Policy. You must know how is the online shop policy where you want to shop. If you need help, you can make phone call first just to make sure that they will assist you if you had any problem.
  • Warranty and Claim. You need to know how is their process of warranty or claim specially for electronic device
  • Last but not least, Delete cookies and history from your computer to avoid phising


  • Do not buy thing on online shop with debt, you must pay all your credit card bill in full amount.
  • Do not buy the thing that you don’t really need or only to impress other person.
  • Do not share your credit card number with someone else.

Well, there are my simple tips for shopaholic like you!

Happy shopping and debt free!