Who doesn’t like travelling?

I bet that all of us loves travelling!

Travelling is an addiction 🙂

Recently, I went on vacation only with my husband and our son.

We usually travel either with my parents or my mom in law.

But this time we want this Bali journey to be private.

After years travelling to Bali with my parents and mom in law, we decided to save our money to take them abroad next time 🙂 *wish me luck* *crossing fingers*

We make travel plan, we do counting and budgeting for the vacation.

We set aside our travel budget every month around IDR1.000k from January 2013.

Luckily, we get a free hotel to stay for 3 nights  which very help us on the budget 🙂

We travel for 5 days and 4 nights, the longest time we ever travelled 🙂

Day 1, we flew with Garuda Indonesia and stay at Pacung Indah ( we pay for this accomodation)

Day 2-3, we stay at New Kuta Condotel  (this accomodation is free, recommended and for the compliment to the hotel, I will make review and post it in my lifestyle blog)

Day 4, we flew home by Air Asia to Bandung and stay at Hotel Unik (this hotel is not recommended because they don’t have non smoking room. This hotel is out of our list per today)

Day 5, we came back to Jakarta by train.

And here is the real expense which cost us IDR5.644.900:

  • Aiplane tickets and tax IDR2.423.400
  • Accomodation IDR628.000
  • Transportation  (taxi, rent car, gasoline etc) IDR978.000
  • Meals IDR1.007.500
  • Gifts IDR543.000
  • Tipping IDR65.000

So, it only cost IDR1.881.600 per person 🙂

This amount a bit lower that our last holiday for the same destination, details in this link 🙂

My tips on Travel Plan:

  1. Destination. Arrange your travel by picking a destination
  2. Budget. Set a budget that include Transportation, Accomodation, Meal, Vacation spot expense.  Buying gifts for your friends or families can be an option.
  3. Time. When will you go for a vacation determine your goal on saving. Just like me, I want to got on May 2013, so I start to do saving from Jan 2013 once I received my paycheck.
  4. Travel Fair. Usually at travel fair you can find many great offers for travelling. We buy our airplane tickets at travel fair on January 2013. It is okay to choose 0% installment for the ticket but make sure that you pay the installment fully and settled before vacation day.

Happy Investing and Happy Travelling!